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    Thursday, August 15, 2013

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    Few days to the start of the new Premier league season, the atmosphere at the Emirates is a dull and gloomy. No thanks to the absence of quality arrivals. Arsenal are still yet to spend a dime in this window despite the claim of unprecedented cash and links to several players. It will be a waste of invaluable time to start
    mentioning the players here considering the fact that some have been snapped up by other clubs while interests have cooled in others. The pursuit of Suarez is in no man's land. What then is our fate in the new season?

    I am particularly perplexed and disappointed at us missing out of Gustavo ( or are the reports false?). It's not every time that a player of immense quality like the Brazilian becomes available. He wanted to leave not because of dearth of quality on his part but surplus quality in Bayern and his desire to play regular football. Reports are quite divergent. Some said Arsenal had a bid accepted, others said Arsenal were reluctant to pay what Bayern were demanding (22million Euros). The crux of the matter is that he has opted for Bundesliga stay with Wolfsburg. His choice of destination really chagrined me. Wolfsburg aren't in the Champions League and of all the teams jostling for his signature, only Wolfsburg aren't in the elite European competition. What then could have been the rationale behind the switch?

    The fact that he is staying back in the Bundesliga could mean he doesn't want a change of league that could impact negatively on his form and inadvertently, put his World Cup chances with Brazil in jeopardy. It could also mean only Wolfsburg showed genuine serious interest. What then did Arsenal show? Maybe Wenger just expressed an interest and didn't back it up with a bid.

    Now that Gustavo is gone, our options in the defensive midfield area is getting limited. Getting Felliani is more difficult since the clause in his contract that makes him available for 22 million Pounds has expired according to reports. The options left are snapping up prodigal Flamini on a free transfer or buying an unknown talent from somewhere. Whichever it is, Arsenal fans aren't likely going to be excited. Kondogbia could be a good option but Sevilla seems very reluctant to sell their next big name after big money sales of stars; Navas and Negredo. It will take 'crazy' money to tempt them into a sale, is Wenger ready to bid that?

    On to the Suarez debacle. Yesterday, reports went viral that the wantaway Uruguayan had made a sensational U-turn and decided to stay put at Liverpool. In my piece of the day, I doubted the authenticity of the story though many media outlets caught the bug but BBC and Skysports managed to keep their sanity. Yesterday also, Suarez issued a rebuttal denying the story.

    "I didn't say it."

    "Maybe someone else did, [but] the main thing is that I am here now with the national team,"

    (Suarez to Kyodo News)

    The saga is so messy and confusing at the moment. Two conflicting stories credited to one man. Wonder who is telling the truth and who isn't? If Suarez is telling the truth then Liverpool could be up to something. If Arsenal are really interested in rescuing him from Anfield servitude, this is the time to crank up the pressure with another improved bid. With the transfer window drawing to a close, so will Suarez's desperation to leave be increasing. We sure need addition and I believe Wenger isn't blind to that fact. The team is short quality and quantity wise. Quality wise means we can't win the league and quantity wise means we might not be able to last the whole season and that could cost us our pseudo-trophy.

    In other news, Arsenal have re-opened contract talks with French right-back Bacary Sagna. Talks had broken down at the beginning of August but according to Goal, the Gunners are set to give one last push to convincing the Frenchman to extend his stay at the Emirates. Wonder what could have birthed this? I believe it could be the huge improvement in his form during the pre-season and Jenkinson's erratic form. Should Sagna leave now, Jenkinson cannot be trusted to fill the void. Also the Frenchman's versatility which has seen him play the center-back role can't be ignored. With each passing day, it's looking unlikely that Wenger will sign a new center-back. Hence, Sagna now is a beautiful bride.

    Finally, Wilshere is in the news and it's for something flattering. Three Lions and Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has tipped Wilshere to succeed him as captain of the English team.

    "I've got no doubt that Wilshere can captain England,

    "His quality, his example in training every day, he seems a level-headed kid, he wants to learn, he loves England, he’s going to be around the top for a long, long time. He ticks a lot of boxes when it comes down to other players following his lead.

    "Obviously I’m really paranoid about putting too much pressure on any player, especially Jack, but he certainly has the quality to do that."

    "I counted once and I've missed 20-odd caps [through injury] so there is nothing for him to worry out," he continued.

    "There is a lot of time, it’s a long career. I’m sure once he gets to my age he will probably be sitting in my position with the armband on talking about another 100-cap player he’s that good".

    "When I first came up against him at Anfield, you could see his quality straight away. From that moment really, I'm not thinking about Arsenal, I'm thinking of England and getting back out there with him and I’m excited he’s back".

    (Gerrard on Wilshere)

    In that piece, Gerrard said a lot of obvious things but tipping Wilshere to succeed him is just a step too far. Wilshere is undoutedly talented and should he stay off injury, he will be a super-regular for England but even at that, there are still players ahead of him in age and caps that will also be interested in the captaincy.
    Players like Rooney, Baines, Johnson, He could end up as captain but I don't see it happening anytime soon. Instead of him facing the pressure of leading England (who are overrated in my own opinion), I would rather see him leading Arsenal. He is my candidate to succeed Vermaelen.

    I am taking my fingers off the keyboard now. Really distraught at the loss of Gustavo. See you in the comments.

    Wednesday, August 14, 2013

    It's a Wednesday and international football day. Some of our stars will be away on international assignment. I just hope they return unscathed. We cannot afford the misfortune of having injury casualties ahead of the Premier League opener this weekend. On this note, I wish all Gunners on voyage good luck. Back to the cruz of this piece which is Arsenal and Arsenal all through. Once again, I will start on Suarez. Until the impasse is resolved one way or the other, I won't stop talking about the Uruguayan. There were mixed reports recently. Firstly, Reds' captain, Steven Gerrard has urged Liverpool to rebuff Arsenal's pursuit of Suarez.

    "If I can use my influence to try to make him stay I will try to do that, for Liverpool to move forward it's important we keep our best players,

    "I'm really confident he won't be going to any one else in England."

    I wonder if that's based on loyalty to Liverpool, selfishness or good wish for Suarez. Liverpool's absence from the Champions League is a massive dent on any top player's profile. This season is even worse because they don't even have the solace of Europa League. What then is the motivation for a top player like Suarez? Wonder if Gerrard would have stayed faithful to Liverpool if he was much younger and they still kept missing out on Champions League football. It's easy to ignore the lure of Champions League football now because he has played it severally and won it unlike Suarez that is 26 and has played it only once and that was in his Ajax days.

    A rather unbelievable report claim that Suarez might be signing a new contract with Liverpool. I find that utterly risible. What would be the rationale behind such an action? He has refused to apologize and wants to move. If Liverpool are reluctant selling him, refusal to sign a new deal means he is winding down his contract and his value will continue to drop until he becomes available on a free transfer. If he signs a new contract without the assurance of Champions League football, it means his tantrum wasn't for football (ambition) reasons but rather financially motivated, a la Rooney. And if the second scenario is the truth, Arsenal have been made to look like fools by his agent which is a shame on Arsenal's part as you expect them to be professionals.

    To other news, reports from French club Olympique Lyon claims that French midfielder Yoann Goucuff is ready to join Arsenal even if he has to take a pay cut.

    "Can you see us paying part of his salary for him to play against us with another French club? We've never considered that and it would even more stupid now than it  was a fortnight ago,"'

    "All that I know, if I understood correctly, is that he was ready to lower his salary to go to Arsenal but that's not the same thing."

    (Aulas on Goucuff)

    I wonder why he is now keen on Arsenal now that his career has spiraled down, no thanks to bench caused by wrong move to AC Milan and string of injuries. Guess he wants to resuscitate it at Arsenal as though the Emirates is a rehabilitation center. Should he arrive now, who is he going to displace at the center of midfield? Is it Cazorla, Wilshere, Arteta or Ramsey? Not forgetting the fact that the prodigal son could be returning home soon. Should we complete the signing of Gustavo, Arteta will move into a more advanced role and that increases competition for places in the midfield. The best Goucuff can get at Arsenal is a bench role. Can't see him displacing the current regulars therefore the rumours are as far as I am concerned rubbish.

    Finally, let me peep at the happenings at the Emirates. Former greedy midfielder, Mattieu Flamini has returned to train at Arsenal to keep fit. His return has sent tongue wagging that he could be set for a sensational return to the Emirates. Flamini is a free agent after running down his contract at San Siro. The fact that he is training with Arsenal doesn't mean he is set to sign for the club. Wenger has always thrown the Emirates' gate open for any star that wants to keep fit and players like Henry, Pires, Campbell, Beckham have all taken advantage of the benevolence in the past with only Henry and Campbell getting to sign for the club. I am not ruling out Flamini signing for Arsenal because of obvious reasons; he is still young (not yet 30), available for free and would be a decent addition for the bench at least. He will provide adequate cover for the defensive midfield even if we sign Gustavo and also a back up for the left back role. Should Flamini sign for Arsenal, it is a win-win for the Gunners.

    That's all for this morning. All roads lead to the comments. See you there.

    Tuesday, August 13, 2013

    Another day it is to talk football with Arsenal as the prime target. Guess I can't ignore Suarez until the saga is over. The latest with regards to the saga is that according to Dailymail, he has banned questions from journalists and have also requested that the Uruguayan FA and his international teammates be mum over the issue. I wonder what he is driving at.

    Players desperate to leave their current employers maximize every opportunity when away from their nosy clubs to rant about their desire to leave but in his own case, he has decided to keep mum. Wonder what he is playing at. If he thinks playing cool now will get him his dream move, how greatly mistaken he is. He has already crossed the rubicon with his actions and he should keep walking away and be decisive.

    To more transfer gists and this time, it concerns Gustavo. Though Arsenal are keen and close to securing his signature according to reports but they are not the only club interested. Interests are rife from across Europe but 3 major teams stand tall; Wolfsburg that offer him Bundesliga stay and first team football, Napoli will offer him Champions league football and they have money to spend after Cavani's sale, hence, they could match Arsenal in fee and wages. Hopefully, he won't choose money over first team football, At Arsenal, he will get Champions league football and better chances at regular football owing to the absence of a natural defensive midfielder, both Ramsey and Arteta are pseudo defensive midfielders while Diaby who is a Viera clone is too injury prone to be factored into the equation. All in all, he seems to have preference for Arsenal already.

    "The Premier League is a great competition. Arsenal have a lot of tradition. I need a team that has space to play,"

    "It's a delicate situation. I'm looking for the best option, the best decision. I am going to have to play, to stay in shape and carry on being called up [for Brazil]."

    (Gustavo speaking on Arsenal's interest)

    Finally, a supposed target of Arsenal, Real Madrid French forward Karim Benzema has rejected Arsenal. I call him a supposed target because it's football sites that threw up his candidacy as a possible alternative to Luis Suarez whose signature is proving difficult. According to the reports, Wenger is ready to offer Real 39 million Pounds for his services.

    To think Arsenal will sign Benzema is pure stupidity. Personally, I won't waste my Free Bets on him signing for Arsenal. Not even when I have a Bet365 Promo Code to play with. There are just too obvious reasons why the deal won't see the light of day. Benzema is a key part of the Los Blancos' squad and they won't let him go so easily. If they could demand almost 35 million Pounds for Higuain that wanted to leave, how much would they demand for Benzema who is now their first choice striker and keen on staying? How about his wages which is so high. He earns over 150k Pounds per week. Doubt if Arsenal can match that and if he is willing to take a paycut.

    Finally, he isn't a prolific striker. If we are looking for a marquee striker, he should be one that is prolific. Someone that can guarantee 30 goals per season. Doubt if Benzema can do that. In my own opinion, he isn't any upgrade to Giroud. Anyway, he has already shot down the idea by pledging his loyalty to Real Madrid.

    “It’s the best club. I came to work and I’m really pleased to be here,”.

    “The best thing is that I dreamed of it since I was little. Now I’m a footballer and I’m living my dream.”

    (Benzema on Real Madrid)

    That's all for now. Please air your thoughts.
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